About Me

Gobeler_Alex_photo.JPGI am currently a Master’s candidate at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University (Class of 2019) and recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Rowan University in May 2017.  I am looking to use my technical skills developed in my undergraduate career as well as my artistic sensibility toward attaining a creative engineering role in the entertainment industry.  I have a variety of areas I would be enthused to work in, including ride, animatronic, parade float, and articulated costume design.

My story starts with the discovery of another person’s story – Randy Pausch.  I read Randy Pausch’s autobiography, The Last Lecture, when I was fourteen and was inspired by the creativity he found in science and technology, his dedication to research, and life positivity.  Randy Pausch also did a sabbatical at Walt Disney Imagineering, which got me thinking about my skills and what I could do to contribute to the attractions at Walt Disney World.  Given my strength in math and science combined with my creativity, it was then that I found my calling- I wanted to pursue mechanical engineering to become an Imagineer!